COVID-19 Vaccine Information

The COVID-19 vaccine is here! Prehospital providers across the country are getting vaccinated as you read this. This is a monumental effort that requires both planning and awareness. Please visit the “COVID-19 Vaccine” tab at the top of this page, or click on the button in the sidebar to the right, to learn more about the two new vaccines being offered and how you can help distribute these life-saving shots.

EMS West

Announcement: Front Line Relief Fund (UPDATED: 4/4/20)Bulletin from Allegheny County Medical Society announcing a fund to collect resources to help healthcare workers battle COVID-19
EMS Business Resources (UPDATED: 4/4/20)List of websites with links to resources to help businesses (incl. EMS agencies) with navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.
Protocol: EMS Bronchodilator Use (UPDATED: 3/31/20)New protocol for EMS bronchodilator use during the COVID pandemic.
Protocol: Direct Admissions Pre-Arrival Guide (UPDATED: 3/27/20)Information regarding arrival process (where to go, who to contact, etc.) for COVID patients who are direct admits.
Protocol: Emergency Arrivals Pre-Arrival Guide (UPDATED: 3/27/20)Information regarding arrival process (where to go, who to contact, etc.) for COVID patients who are EMERGENT arrivals.
Protocol: Precautions and Guidance for EMS Agencies and Providers (UPDATED: 3/18/20)Comprehensive overview of screening, treatment, PPE, and transport recommendations.
Recommendation: Self-Care at Home Guidance (UPDATED: 3/26/20)General recommendations for patients who are self-isolating at home with possible/confirmed COVID-19.

Health Systems

Allegheny Health Network

Main AHN COVID-19 Page: Click Here
Protocol: AHN EMS Mask Protocol (UPDATED: 3/31/20)All EMS providers must wear masks and gloves when inside AHN buildings.
Recommendation: AHN Aerosol Generating Procedure Guidance (UPDATED: 3/31/20)General information about when to utilize these measures and how to do so safely/effectively.
Recommendation: How to Determine Appropriate PPE (UPDATED: 3/27/20)Flowchart to help EMS providers under AHN command determine appropriate PPE for their response.
Recommendation: General Recommendations for EMS and Law Enforcement (UPDATED: 3/26/20)Brief overview of COVID, PPE, post-exposure guidelines.
Guideline: Healthcare Personnel Provider Post-Exposure Guidelines (UPDATED: 3/26/20)Overview defining an exposure and next steps.
Protocol: N-95 Reuse Protocol (UPDATED: 3/26/20)Describes how to safely re-use N95 masks in healthcare settings.


Main UPMC COVID-19 Page: Click Here
Memo: UPMC PHC COVID-19 Update (Updated: 10/12/2020)
Memo: UPMC EMS Work-Force Protection Update (Updated 7/2/2020) Addresses the recent Allegheny County recommendations that return travelers quarantine for 14 days. Reinforces the need for EMS workers to adhere to universal masking.
Guideline: UPMC EMS Medical Advisory COVID-19 – Operations (UPDATED: 3/31/20)Updated information on PPE and personnel exposures from a systems standpoint.
Guideline: UPMC EMS Medical Advisory COVID-19 – Personnel (UPDATED: 4/17/20)Updated information on screening, patient management, PPE, etc.
Procedure: UPMC EMS Doffing and Cleaning (UPDATED: 5/7/20)Describes doffing and cleaning procedures for UPMC EMS crews prior to arrival, at receiving unit, and back at EMS unit.
Guideline: UPMC PHC Facility Arrival Guidelines (UPDATED: 4/17/20)Announcing new arrival guidelines including EMS PPE doffing and cleaning procedures.
Bulletin: UPMC Hospital Visitor Policy (UPDATED: 5/18/2020)UPMC will now allow one support person (visitor) to stay with patient’s during their time in the ED and in the hospital. (Rules and restrictions apply; please read the bulletin for details)
Guideline: UPMC PHC COVID-19 EMS Fitness for Duty Assessment (UPDATED: 3/27/2020)Pre-shift assessment for EMS personnel.
Guideline: COVID-19 Guidance on Return to Work for EMS Personnel (Updated 8/3/20)Return to work guidelines for EMS personnel under UPMC command.


Allegheny County EMS

Guideline: Decon Packet (UPDATED: 5/7/20)Contains the ACEMS guideline on how to decontaminate medic units after suspected/known COVID-19 transports. Includes MSDS/information on the chemicals utilized.
Bulletin: COVID Public Safety Support Line (UPDATED: 5/7/20)This is a new call line staffed by on-call mental health providers from Pittsburgh CISM Team. Callers will need to provide their first name and a call back number to the operator. An on call mental health provider will then return their call.
Guideline: Ambulance COVID19 Decontamination Procedure (UPDATED: 4/21/2020)Video describing how to decontaminate medic units.
Bulletin: Hotel Rooms for First Responders (UPDATED: 4/11/2020)ACDHS will provide hotel rooms, meals, and laundry services for first responders needing quarantine.
Guideline: How to Clean Dupont Tychem Suits (UPDATED: 4/4/20)Manufacturer recommendations.
Bulletin: QRS Dispatch Change Announcement (UPDATED: 4/1/20)“Allegheny County 9-1-1 will no longer, automatically, dispatch QRS Fire Departments to suburban EMS calls”
Guidance: Resource Request (UPDATED: 3/27/20)How to request PPE/other resources from ACEMS.
Guideline: EMS Personnel Post-Exposure Guidelines (UPDATED: 3/26/20)ACEMS post-exposure call center.
Guideline: Exposure Risk and Return to Work Guidelines for Public SafetyPost-exposure and return to work guidelines from ACEMS and ACHD.
Employee Screening Roster (UPDATED: 3/26/20)File download to use for EMS pre-shift screening log.
911 Call Screening Algorithm (UPDATED: 3/26/20)
PPE Supply Calculator

Allegheny County Health Department

Recommendation: Summer Travel Guidance (Updated: 6/28/2020)On June 28, 2020 the Allegheny County Health Department recommended a 14-day quarantine (or 2 negative tests 48h apart) for anyone returning from out of state travel.

Specific high-risk travel locations mentioned include:
– Florida
– Texas
– Carolina coast
Main Site: Allegheny County Health Department COVID-19 Page

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