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Announcement: Front Line Relief Fund (UPDATED: 4/5/2021)The Allegheny County Medical Society has run a fund to help front-line workers during the pandemic for the past year. Please see the corresponding announcement for more information or visit http://acmsfoundation.org.
EMS Business Resources (UPDATED: 4/4/20)List of websites with links to resources to help businesses (incl. EMS agencies) with navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.
Protocol: EMS Bronchodilator Use (UPDATED: 3/31/20)New protocol for EMS bronchodilator use during the COVID pandemic.
Protocol: Direct Admissions Pre-Arrival Guide (UPDATED: 3/27/20)Information regarding arrival process (where to go, who to contact, etc.) for COVID patients who are direct admits.
Protocol: Emergency Arrivals Pre-Arrival Guide (UPDATED: 3/27/20)Information regarding arrival process (where to go, who to contact, etc.) for COVID patients who are EMERGENT arrivals.
Protocol: Precautions and Guidance for EMS Agencies and Providers (UPDATED: 3/18/20)Comprehensive overview of screening, treatment, PPE, and transport recommendations.
Recommendation: Self-Care at Home Guidance (UPDATED: 3/26/20)General recommendations for patients who are self-isolating at home with possible/confirmed COVID-19.

Health Systems

Allegheny Health Network

Main AHN COVID-19 Page: Click Here
Protocol: AHN EMS Mask Protocol (UPDATED: 3/31/20)All EMS providers must wear masks and gloves when inside AHN buildings.
Recommendation: AHN Aerosol Generating Procedure Guidance (UPDATED: 3/31/20)General information about when to utilize these measures and how to do so safely/effectively.
Recommendation: How to Determine Appropriate PPE (UPDATED: 3/27/20)Flowchart to help EMS providers under AHN command determine appropriate PPE for their response.
Recommendation: General Recommendations for EMS and Law Enforcement (UPDATED: 3/26/20)Brief overview of COVID, PPE, post-exposure guidelines.
Guideline: Healthcare Personnel Provider Post-Exposure Guidelines (UPDATED: 3/26/20)Overview defining an exposure and next steps.


Main UPMC COVID-19 Page: Click Here
Memo: UPMC PHC COVID-19 Update (UPDATED 1/18/22) New update on the COVID-19 pandemic from UPMC medical command.
Guideline: COVID-19 Guidance on Return to Work for EMS Personnel (UPDATED 1/18/22)Return to work guidelines for EMS personnel under UPMC command.
Guideline: UPMC EMS Medical Advisory COVID-19 – Operations (UPDATED: 3/31/20)Updated information on PPE and personnel exposures from a systems standpoint.
Guideline: UPMC EMS Medical Advisory COVID-19 – Personnel (UPDATED: 4/17/20)Updated information on screening, patient management, PPE, etc.
Procedure: UPMC EMS Doffing and Cleaning (UPDATED: 5/7/20)Describes doffing and cleaning procedures for UPMC EMS crews prior to arrival, at receiving unit, and back at EMS unit.
Guideline: UPMC PHC Facility Arrival Guidelines (UPDATED: 4/17/20)Announcing new arrival guidelines including EMS PPE doffing and cleaning procedures.
Bulletin: UPMC Hospital Visitor Policy (UPDATED: 5/18/2020)UPMC will now allow one support person (visitor) to stay with patient’s during their time in the ED and in the hospital. (Rules and restrictions apply; please read the bulletin for details)
Guideline: UPMC PHC COVID-19 EMS Fitness for Duty Assessment (UPDATED: 3/27/2020)Pre-shift assessment for EMS personnel.


Allegheny County EMS

Memo: COVID-19 Update Panel (Updated: 3/4/21) Slideshow put together by AGH and UPMC EMS command physicians for ACEMS prehospital providers detailing the status of the pandemic and vaccination efforts.
Guideline: Decon Packet (UPDATED: 5/7/20)Contains the ACEMS guideline on how to decontaminate medic units after suspected/known COVID-19 transports. Includes MSDS/information on the chemicals utilized.
Bulletin: COVID Public Safety Support Line (UPDATED: 5/7/20)This is a new call line staffed by on-call mental health providers from Pittsburgh CISM Team. Callers will need to provide their first name and a call back number to the operator. An on call mental health provider will then return their call.
Guideline: Ambulance COVID19 Decontamination Procedure (UPDATED: 4/21/2020)Video describing how to decontaminate medic units.
Bulletin: Hotel Rooms for First Responders (UPDATED: 4/11/2020)ACDHS will provide hotel rooms, meals, and laundry services for first responders needing quarantine.
Guideline: How to Clean Dupont Tychem Suits (UPDATED: 4/4/20)Manufacturer recommendations.
Guidance: Resource Request (UPDATED: 3/27/20)How to request PPE/other resources from ACEMS.
Guideline: EMS Personnel Post-Exposure Guidelines (UPDATED: 3/26/20)ACEMS post-exposure call center.
Guideline: Exposure Risk and Return to Work Guidelines for Public SafetyPost-exposure and return to work guidelines from ACEMS and ACHD.
Employee Screening Roster (UPDATED: 3/26/20)File download to use for EMS pre-shift screening log.
PPE Supply Calculator

Allegheny County Health Department

Main Site: Allegheny County Health Department COVID-19 Page
Testing Locator (Updated: 4/5/2021) Click Here

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