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Bulletin: Participation in Mass Vaccination Program (UPDATED: 12/30/20)
Guidance: Additional Guidance for Patients After a Known Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 (Updated: 11/17/2020)Addresses new updates in light of the increasing case load in PA.
FAQ: Testing of Residents/Staff in Skilled Nursing Facilities (UPDATED: 7/7/2020)Addresses frequently asked questions regarding the order of the Secretary of Health about testing of residents and staff in SNFs.
Mandate: PA Sec. of Health Orders Masking in Public (UPDATED: 7/1/2020)As of July 1, 2020, all PA residents are required to use universal face coverings as defined in the attached document.
Bulletin: PA DOH PPE Usage Update (UPDATED: 6/25/2020)Updates EMSIB-2020-16 regarding PPE usage.
Guideline: Hospital Notification of EMS of COVID-19 Exposure (UPDATED: 5/7/20)The Ryan White Act requires health care facilities to promptly notify any first responder agency that is known to have transported a patient determined to be positive for COVID-19
Bulletin: PPE in PA (UPDATED: 5/7/20)New/revised process for PPE requests from medical facilities and first responders.
Guideline: Return to Work for Healthcare Personnel with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 (UPDATED: 5/7/20)
Guideline: Interim Guidelines for Exposed Life-Sustaining Business Workers (UPDATED: 5/7/20)
Protocol: Cardiac Arrest in COVID-19 Patients (UPDATED: 5/7/20)UPDATED Best practices for cardiac arrest care in patients who are suspected to have COVID-19.
Announcement: Non-Transport of COVID-19 Patients
Protocol: Non-Transport of COVID-19 Patients (UPDATED: 4/14/20)
Protocol to identify patients that are safe to assess and not transport to a receiving facility during
widespread cases of confirmed COVID-19 patients in a community.
Bulletin: Signature of Transfer of Care Form (UPDATED: 4/14/20) Providers are no longer required to obtain a signature from the receiving facility.
Bulletin: Department of Corrections Information (UPDATED: 4/14/20) Information regarding COVID-19 response for DOC employees.
Guideline: Patient Instructions for Self-Isolation (UPDATED: 4/14/20) Instructions for patients on how to self-isolate while waiting for test results.
Resource: Close Contact List (UPDATED: 4/14/20) Blank table to use for determining who may have been a close contact of a COVID19 patient.
Alert: Notification of COVID-19 Results (UPDATED: 4/14/20) Information to distribute to patients being tested for COVID-19.
Bulletin: Front Line Relief Fund (UPDATED: 4/4/20)Announcement of fund to help front line healthcare workers with PPE and other donations.
Bulletin: Alternatives to Nebulized Bronchodilators (UPDATED: 4/4/20)Acceptable alternatives to albuterol nebulizer treatments for EMS agencies.
Bulletin: EMS Staffing Exceptions (UPDATED: 4/1/20)
Protocol: Data Collection for Staffing Exemptions (UPDATED: 4/4/20)
Information about changes to ambulance staffing requirements as well as protocol for documenting these changes.
Policy: EMS Providers Obtaining Nasopharyngeal Swabs (UPDATED 3/31/20)EMS providers at, or above, AEMT level may obtain nasopharyngeal swabs when appropriately trained.
PA COVID Case Tracker: (UPDATED: 3/30/20)Tracks the number of COVID cases in PA.
Recommendation: Infection Prevention for COVID Patients/PUI (UPDATED: 3/24/20)General hospital/EMS system recommendations for treating patients with known or suspected COVID.
Recommendation: Infection Control for EMS Providers (UPDATED: 2/5/20)General infection control information for EMS systems.
Statement: Statement on Updated BLS Protocol #931 (UPDATED: 3/27/20)
Protocol: Updated BLS Protocol #931 (UPDATED: 3/27/20)
BLS Protocol # 931 (Suspected Influenza-Like Illness or ILI) is updated to 1) emphasize deferring aerosolizing procedures and 2) allow EMS providers to use albuterol MDI in place of nebulizer treatments.
Bulletin: COVID-19 Testing Factsheet (UPDATED: 3/27/20)
Bulletin: COVID-19 Testing Flier for EMS (UPDATED: 3/27/20)
Information about how/where to get tested for HCPs and patients.
Recommendation: Infection Prevention Flier (UPDATED: 3/27/20)Graphic describing appropriate PPE.
Bulletin: Case Contact Definition Flier (UPDATED: 3/27/20)Describes cases/contacts and how to respond (isolate, quarantine, etc.)
Recommendation: Guidance for HCP with Potential Exposure to COVID (UPDATED: 3/9/20)General infection control measures for healthcare workers who have, or may have, been exposed to COVID19+ patients.

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